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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Temperature Control for Incubator

This is a project to make a working prototype of baby incubator in miniature scale. It will keep the warm temperature based on settings defined by user/operator (minimum & maximum temperature) . The same concept can be applied to other similar project, such as room controlled temperature etc.

The main part of this mini incubator:
1. Electric heater 12 V
2. Fan 12 V, to make air in/out from incubator
3. Temperature sensors, LM35/PTC/NTC/termocouple
4. Controller based on microcontroller AT89S51
5. ADC 8 channel, using 0809
6. Transistor/relay for controlling heater
6. LCD display 2x16, for user setting
7. Matrix keypad 4x3, for user setting

If temperature under the minimum threshold (set by user/operator), the controller will turn on the heater. It will keep heating until temperature reach the maximum threshold. If temperature above the maximum threshold, the controller will turn on the fan to make fresh cold air enter the incubator. And so on. The program done by assembly language.

Schematic download:
Source code download:
(note: you may need to change formula in program acoording to your sensor calibration)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Wheel Robot with Ranging Sensor

Do you usually take a walk in the morning with your dog beside you? Do you want something cool? What about a robot follow behind you?

This is a project about Robot that have four wheel (4WD) that have capability to response based on ultrasonic ranging sensor.

That main parts of the robot are:
1. Wheel, motor and chasis, taken from 2 Tamiya toys
2. Robot controller based on microcontroller AT89S52
3. Parallax PING ultrasonic ranging sensor
4. Stepper motor to rotate "the ultrasonic eye"
5. Stepper motor driver based on 2803A
6. DC motor driver based on L293

Robot will try to find object in 30 cm. The robot then will follow (keep the 30 cm distance) to the first object found. So if I give my hand close to the robot than it will move based on the position of my hand (as long as I move my hand slowly).

The program done by assembly language.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Blogging is Starting

Mikron123 is website and blog name, made by embedded system and science engineering hobbyst. This blog is intended for sharing our activity to the world, so that everyone that have the same interest can also share with us.

Named mikron because the projects mainly based on microprocessors or microcontrollers... and the number 123 means that our projects is for (and may be from) beginners. We try to make the project in the easiest way and keep it simple.

So, have fun !

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