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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fire Fighting Robot

This is a popular type of robot in many contest, a Fire Fighting Robot! The purpose is to find the fire/candle, blow it off, and sometime also have to find/rescue the baby. The field area consists of many rooms, stairs and sometime with many obstacles.

The main parts of this robot are:
1. Plate chassis from aluminium
2. 3 servo DC motors (1 for turret)
3. Wheels: 2 active & 1 passive
4. Controller using ATMega microcontroller
5. Some Ping ultrasonic ranging sensors
6. UVTron flame sensor
7. Devantech Magnetic Compass
8. Brushless Fan turret to blow the fire/candle
9. Batery pack 6V

The robot activated by sound/switch from home location. It senses fire/flame direction then search the room where the candle is placed. It will blow the fire and back to home location. The program done in C using CodeVision AVR.

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