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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Robot Motion Follower with Image Processing

Another idea for a motion following robot. This Robot brings a wireless camera to transmit real time video data to a computer. The computer is programmed with an image processing algorithm that detect the direction/motion of captured object. It will then command the robot to move to follow the object whereever it goes.

This Robot consist of:
1. Circular plate chassis
2. 2 servo motors
3. 2 plastic tyres and 1 ball caster
4. Controller using AVR microcontroller
5. Wireless camera
6. Wireless data transceiver YS1020UA
7. Mobile phone/GSM modem SIM300C
8. Batery pack 6V

The image processing algorithm developed by matlab and compiled to C++. The microcontroller program developed using Code Vision AVR.

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