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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Legged Robot Hexapod

This is a project to make six leg robot (hexapod bot). Legged Robot has higher difficulty level of design and programming than wheel robot. Hexapod bot imitate the structure and movement of insects.

The main parts of hexapod bot are:
1. Chassis
2. 12 servo motor 180 degree (2 servo/leg)
3. Controller based on AVR 8535 microcontroller
4. Battery pack 6V DC.

Beside that, range sensors such as ultrasonic or infra red could be attached to the robot to have more sophisticated function of robot in the real application.

In this project, the hexapod bot do a simple maneuver/movement, moving forward, turn left, turn right .

The program done by C language using Code Vision AVR.

1 comment:

Ali_b050 said...

I have made that too and I have a problem with the power circuit to supply the 12 servo each. my circuit is unstable.
if you don't mind
please send the schematic power supply circuit to me at mu-gendut@plasa.com

thx b 4

Ali, Muhamad.

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