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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tank Robot Controlled By Mobile Phone

Another mobile robot! A tank robot which is activated, controlled, and report to a mobile phone. The communication can use direct CSD (Circuit Switch Data) and SMS (Short Message Service). In the next step, it will also use video call. So, remote controlling can be done in very long distance and more sophisticated way.

The main parts of this robot are:
1. Chassis from tamiya tank
2. 2 DC motors
3. DC motor driver using H-bridge
4. Controller using AT89S51 microcontroller
5. Ping ultrasonic ranging sensor
6. SHT11 temperature & humidity sensor
7. Mobile phone/GSM modem SIM300C
8. Batery pack 6V

This robot activated and deactivated via SMS command. It use its ranging sensor to adjust movement. Real time data of temperature and humidity and also some other report are sent to user via SMS or CSD. The program done in Basic using Bascom8051.

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