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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fire Fighting Robot

This is a popular type of robot in many contest, a Fire Fighting Robot! The purpose is to find the fire/candle, blow it off, and sometime also have to find/rescue the baby. The field area consists of many rooms, stairs and sometime with many obstacles.

The main parts of this robot are:
1. Plate chassis from aluminium
2. 3 servo DC motors (1 for turret)
3. Wheels: 2 active & 1 passive
4. Controller using ATMega microcontroller
5. Some Ping ultrasonic ranging sensors
6. UVTron flame sensor
7. Devantech Magnetic Compass
8. Brushless Fan turret to blow the fire/candle
9. Batery pack 6V

The robot activated by sound/switch from home location. It senses fire/flame direction then search the room where the candle is placed. It will blow the fire and back to home location. The program done in C using CodeVision AVR.


Jean Paul said...

hi i am doing a similar project using 89C51AC2 micro-controller and i'm using the same UVtron flame sensor but I have no idea how I am going to interface it with the controller. Any help please?

Arie Croll said...

mas saya mau tanya gimana cra mempercepat respon sensor ping ultrasonik parallax ,., sam udah kasi nilai delaynya us 2 tpi kok masi lmbat ya,.,. mohon d bantu.., penyelesaian tugas akhir ., makasih sebelumnya

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